Blight is back—but, for now, tomatoes are here!

Remember Late Blight?  The wretched tomato and potato disease that caused the Irish Potato Famine a hundred and fifty years ago, also decimated crops in the Northeast last summer.  We were one of the few farms in the area to save our tomatoes last year, and hoped that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  We don’t have it yet this year, but this week  late blight returned to Maine, probably due to someone’s old, infected potato seed sprouting anew.  Out of all places, it was first re-discovered in Waldoboro.  We’re doing everything we can under organic  rules to protect our tomatoes and potatoes, but it is likely that eventually they will get it.  Late blight spores can travel up to thirty miles through the air from infected plants.  Since we grow all of our tomatoes in hoophouses, the plants are offered some protection against the spores.  We are optimistic about making it through the season blight-free, and promise to get as many tomatoes and potatoes to you as possible in the meantime!

Hanni transplanting chard for the fall harvests

We’ve had a great crew on the farm recently, with Katie from NYC and Lauren from Texas working with us last week.  And we can’t wait for the big garlic harvest, which will happen on Tuesday (2000+ bulbs!).  The fresh garlic in this week’s share is a wonderful treat — it’s not cured (dried) yet, so has an wonderful zingy, fresh flavor.  Peel the outside of each clove like regular garlic, even though it will be hard to see the distinction between the bulb and the paper.

Have a great week, and we’ll keep you updated with the blight situation as it progresses (or, hopefully, ceases to progress!)

Be well,

Reba and the HCF crew

Week 7 veggies:  Cucumbers, Zucchini and/or Zephyr Squash, Tomatoes (Slicing and/or Cherry), Basil,  Red Potatoes, Redbor Kale, Fresh Garlic, Bok Choy

This week’s recipes:  Viennese Cucumber Salad, Greek Salad with Orzo and Black-Eyed Peas, Sesame Soy Braised Bok Choy


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