2018 Prices & Payment Plans

Hatchet Cove Farm is proud to provide our members with over six months of organic vegetables. Our primary share is the 16-week Summer Vegetable “small family” CSA for $375 (mid-June through September).

For those who sign up for the summer vegetable share we also offer a  4-week Spring CSA for $80 (mid-May through mid-June), and a 6-week Fall CSA for $140 (October through mid-November). If you sign up for all three vegetable shares (Spring, Summer and Fall) you receive $20 off the total cost.

You can also choose any of the following add-on options once you sign up for a vegetable share in that season (explained in more detail here):

  • Raw Milk Share ($72 summer/$18 spring/$27 fall)
  • Cheese Share ($169 summer/$42 spring/$64 fall)
  • Organic Tofu Share ($24 summer/$6 spring/$9 fall)
  • Organic Yogurt Share ($40 summer/$10 spring/$15 fall)
  • Lacto-Ferment Share ($68 summer/$17 spring/$26 fall)
  • Honey Share ($23 summer)
  • Bread Share ($85 summer/$22 spring/$33 fall. Sunday and Tuesday only)
  • Oil & Vinegar Share ($102 summer/$25 spring/$38 fall)
  • Organic Eggs ($48 summer/$12 spring/$18 fall)
  • Mushroom Share ($169 summer/$42 spring/$64 fall)
  • Summer Chicken Share (3 deliveries for $78)
  • Pork Share ($178 summer/$89 spring/$89 fall)
  • Fall Heirloom Apple Share (5 deliveries for $170 in 2017) (apple sign-up in July)
  • Contribute to the CSA Financial Aid Fund ($20 or more)

Still confused by the options?  Click here to see a handy-dandy spreadsheet.

Payment Options
We prioritize making the CSA accessible to all. There is a payment installment plan available (see below) and we also accept EBT funds. Additionally, we raise money for financial aid that can help cover part of the cost of your share. Please contact us directly with questions, or click here for the Financial Aid Form.

We have three payment options available through our online sign-up:
1) Pay in full via eCheck (Dwolla) or by credit card (PayPal – additional surcharge added automatically) or traditional check.
2) Pay in installments of three to five payments, preferably via eCheck (Dwolla) or credit card (PayPal), though traditional checks can be used as well. When you click to pay via Dwolla or PayPal, you can choose to schedule automatically recurring payments and then not have to remember every month!
3) Pay with EBT (Food Stamps) via an installment payment plan. Just email to let us know after you sign up. We’ll confirm your EBT information at the first pick-up and will withdraw your payments monthly over the course of the CSA season. We also are applying for funds that may cover up to half of the cost of your vegetable share if you use EBT. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll keep you posted!

We encourage our members to use either the online payment system Dwolla (essentially an eCheck) or PayPal (credit or debit card) at checkout. Online payments allow us to spend less time in the office and more time in the fields growing food. You will need to have online banking to use Dwolla, and be able to access your email to confirm the transfer, but there is no additional cost to you.  If you use PayPal please note that it includes a 3% surcharge. And, of course, if paying online feels too complicated, a traditional check is perfectly fine. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!

If you work at a MaineHealth affiliated facility (including Pen Bay Hospital and Miles Memorial Hospital), you can receive a $50 rebate for your CSA share cost. Please print out your CSA confirmation email or ask us for a receipt.