cj hugging maple

2022 Hatchet Cove Farm Update

It is with great sadness that I confirm what many of you have suspected — that we will not be doing a CSA in 2022. After sixteen years of the HCF CSA we are accepting that we must shift into a different way of stewarding the land and feeding the community. As you all know, we truly love growing vegetables and feeding you all, and I will miss our weekly pick-ups tremendously. But between the back injury that put Reba out of commission for a few weeks last summer and Bill’s ongoing back issues, we accept that we can not commit to a full growing season anymore.
We will be in touch with our former CSA members as we have occasional items (meat, storage veggies, one-off CSA boxes) to offer. And any time you miss being barked at by a neurotic farm dog, please come by and visit — Maple is watching the driveway for you at this very moment. The UPS guys would love to share the attention.
Please be in touch, and thank you for all you have meant to us over the years. Even though things look different over here, we’re not going anywhere, and we hope to see you all soon, one way or another!

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