Add-on CSAs

In addition to organic vegetables, Hatchet Cove Farm CSA members can sign up to receive “add-on” shares from other local producers.  Our goal is to connect our members to as much good local food as possible, and to connect other local producers to our wonderful membership.  If you’re confused, please check out this handy-dandy spreadsheet of explanations of what is available when, or contact Reba at or 207.712.7382.

Appleton Creamery, the award-wining goat and cow cheese operation, offers a Cheese CSA for Hatchet Cove Farm members. Cheese CSA members receive two different cheeses (totaling between 10-14 oz) every week (this is below the wholesale price).  We think that the quality and variety of the cheese can’t be surpassed!  The price is $169 for a 16-week summer share, $42 for a 4-week spring share, and $64 for a 6-week fall share.

Hatchet Cove Farm’s newly state-certified milk room allows us to sell raw milk from the Hatchet Cove Farm cows Daisy, Star and Cookie. While we plan on always having milk available at the farm for the public to purchase, our Milk CSA members are the only ones who will be guaranteed a weekly supply.  In addition, while the standard milk distribution will be in traditional plastic half-gallon milk jugs, we plan on figuring out a way for CSA members to receive their milk in reusable half-gallon mason jars, if they wish.  The price is $64 for a 16-week summer share of one-half gallon per week, $16 for a 4-week spring share, and $24 for a 6-week fall share.

We’re excited to offer this new add-on CSA in 2015! Grange Corner Farm is a MOFGA-certified organic farm located in a Lincolnville. Sam and his partner Aube focus on growing rare and heirloom grain varieties for stone-ground flours and meals. Grange Corner Farm aims to provide the local community with a diversity of regionally adapted grains, as well as to educate and inspire people to cook with these local products. On offer this season they will have stone-ground whole wheat flour, whole rye flour, and cornmeal.

The Grain CSA will consist of a weekly 1 lb bag of grain or meal, along with recipes and notes from the farm. Whole wheat will be represented twice as frequently as rye or cornmeal in the delivery rotation. The price is $59 for the 16-week summer share, $15 for the 4-week spring share, and  $22 for the 6-week fall share. If you bake regularly you may want to consider getting multiple shares.

Oyster Creek Mushroom Company will again offer a weekly Mushroom CSA for our members.  OCMC cultivates Shitake mushrooms and sell fresh wild mushrooms from Maine including Porcini, Oyster, Chanterelle, Black Trumpet, Hen, Morel, and Chicken of the Wood mushrooms, among others. The mushroom share will consist of around a pound of mushrooms a week at wholesale prices.  The price is $99 for a 16-week summer share,$25 for a 4-week spring share, and $38 for a 6-week fall share.

The FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegar is the perfect addition to the HCF offerings, since our favorite way to enjoy nearly all our veggies is roasted with a little oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.  Nancy and Pat O’Brien of FIORE Tasting Room and Shop (located in Rockland, Bar Harbor and Bangor and at, connect our members to olive growers all over the world, offering the freshest oil within weeks of the olive harvest.  In addition, their amazing aged Balsamic and wine vinegars taste unlike anything you find in the grocery store.

The Oil & Vinegar CSA share provides one 200ml bottle weekly and the share will provide two weeks of oil to one week of vinegar.  The price is $99 for a 16-week summer share, $25 for a 4-week spring share, and $38 for a 6-week fall share.

We have chicken eggs available for our members again this year! David xxx from Waldoboro will be offering a Chicken Egg CSA for our members.  David has previously sold eggs from his home and so we’re happy to offer a new outlet for his eggs!  The egg share will consist of a dozen eggs delivered every-other-week (you can sign up for multiple shares if you go through more than six eggs a week!) and the price is $25 for a 8-week summer share, $6 for a 2-week spring share, and $9 for a 3-week fall share.

The folks at Rooster Ridge Farm in Waldoboro are raising broiler hens for our CSA members. These birds are free-range, outdoors, very well-cared for and medication/antibiotic-free.  The share will consist of one chicken per month in July, August and September, for $75.  Michelle at Rooster Ridge anticipates that the birds will be between 6-7 lbs each.  You can sign up for multiple shares if you have room in your freezer and want more than three birds over the course of the season.

The Hatchet Cove Farm CSA Financial Aid Fund is a way to help support families who otherwise would have a difficult time affording healthy local foods.  Donate $20 per year (or, to give more, just adjust the quantity of units) and your money will go directly to help cover the cost of shares for families who need a little extra help. If you wish for your donation to be tax-deductible, please contact us at Thank you so much!