Add-on CSA Shares

In addition to organic vegetables, Hatchet Cove Farm CSA members can sign up to receive “add-on” shares from other local producers. Our goal is to connect our members to as much good local food as possible, and to connect other local producers to our wonderful members.

Heiwa Tofu handcrafts tofu in traditional, small batches using organic, non-GMO soybeans from Maine and New England farms. Heiwa tofu is tender yet firm and is perfect for eating plain, baking, blending, boiling, crumbling, frying, sauteing, and mashing. Top chefs (including those at Suzuki’s, Primo and Long Grain) and home cooks alike love this tofu because of its ability to meet a variety of culinary needs. The tofu share consists of every-other-week delivery of one pound of tofu, and members may sign up for multiple shares if they want more than one package per week (sealed packages have a long refrigerator shelf life). The price is $40 for an 11-week tofu share.

The Milkhouse Farm and Dairy in Monmouth uses organic milk from their herd of Jersey cows to create delicious, non-pasteurized cream-top yogurt. The yogurt share is delivered in a glass returnable quart jar every other week, and members may sign up for multiple shares if they want more than one quart per week (the yogurt keeps for weeks, refrigerated). The price is $65 for an 11-week yogurt share.

Gracie’s Garden offers an every-other-week share of traditionally lacto-fermented products. They ferment organic Maine-grown vegetables in ceramic crocks using no vinegar. The share will consist of an every-other week quart of ferments including fresh sauerkraut, Swedish carrots, red cabbage and fennel, Django’s ginger carrots, Kimchi, and other seasonal blends. Fermented vegetables are highly nutritious, support digestion, and are an excellent source of vitamins, beneficial enzymes, and probiotics. They store well, so get two shares (or more) if you want a jar every week. Then let the Gracie’s Garden share inspire you to start experimenting with fermenting your Hatchet Cove Farm CSA veggies! The price is $105 for an 11-week ferment share.

Port Clyde beekeeper Ronnie Dennison offers our CSA members a two-part raw, unfiltered honey CSA share. Ronnie is a licensed beekeeper who manages dozens of hives on the peninsula. The honey will be packaged in glass jars. If you have any questions about Ronnie’s apiary, please contact him at 207-975-4014. The price is $25 per Honey Share, and the two deliveries of one pound each will take place in July and September.

In 2021 our egg provider is Straw’s Farm, in Newcastle. These eggs are not certified organic or pasture-raised, but we love Lee Straw and are happy to find a local egg producer for our members! The price is $50 for an 11-week egg share.

Oyster Creek Mushroom Company offers a weekly mushroom CSA for our members. OCMC cultivates Shitake and Oyster mushrooms and forages fresh wild mushrooms throughout Maine including Porcini, Chanterelle, Black Trumpet, Hen, Morel, Chicken of the Woods and more. The mushroom share consists of around a pound of mushrooms a week at wholesale prices.  The price is $250 for a 22-week mushroom share.

The Hatchet Cove Farm CSA Financial Aid Fund is a way to help support families who otherwise would have a difficult time affording healthy local foods. Donate $20 per year (or, to give more, just adjust the quantity of units when you sign up) and your money will go directly to help cover the cost of shares for families who need a little extra help. If you wish for your donation to be tax-deductible, please contact us at Thank you so much!