Beautiful & Delicious Garlic Scapes!

When the garlic starts sending up its beautiful, curly flowers, we know our favorite once-a-year treat is on the way.  We trim these bloom spikes off for two reasons:  the garlic plant can put more energy into growing the bulb in the ground, and we get the tastiest treat of the season.  You can keep the scapes on your counter just beacause they’re pretty, you can mince them  and use them just as you would garlic cloves, but I would encourage you to follow the recipe (under Garlic in the recipe section) and sauté them in a little olive oil and salt.  It’s so good!

Everything is good and busy on the farm.  Tomatoes are growing well in the greenhouse, the potatoes just got hilled, and the first plantings of cukes and summer squash are showing signs of fruit.  We’ll even be starting the seedlings for fall crops in the coming week, though it’s hard to think of fall at this point in the summer!

Have a wonderful fourth of July, and enjoy your veggies!

– Reba, Bill, Sara, Anna, Kate, and Eli

  Week 3 veggies: Beets w/greens, Arugula, Broccoli, Sugar Snap Peas, Garlic Scapes, Kale (lascinato)             




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