Busy Harvests

One of our best meals this past week was zucchini soup and potato salad on a rainy evening after a long harvest day.  Sometimes we’re so busy in the summer that it feels like there isn’t the time to enjoy all the tastes and flavors coming out of the fields.  But slowing down enough enjoy each different veggie is such a crucial part of making eating with the seasons so satisfying.  Luckily, there are veggies like the zucchini and squash, the cucumbers and soon the tomatoes, which will keep producing for the next month or more.  So there will be many chances to experiment, try new recipes, and even put the tastes of summer by for winter.

At the farm the piglets are starting to grow up a little, the fall crops will be transplanted soon, and we’re starting to feel the lessening in weeding demands that  starts in August.

If you are a CSA member who picks up at the UU church, make sure to say hi to Sara, the Hatchet Cove Farm apprentice, next Sunday!  Bill and I are gong to Wisconsin for a whirlwind wedding trip, and Sara will be taking care of the farm and all CSA needs for the weekend.  If you need anything special from us, make sure to let us know by mid week. 

Have a wonderful week and enjoy your meals!

– Reba, Bill, Sara, & Eli

 Week 7 veggies:  Green Beans, Potatoes, Mesclun or Baby Lettuce Mix, New Garlic, Cucumber, Zucchini and/or Zephyr Summer Squash                     




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