Allium Harvest

The end of summer is really here, with all of the onions and shallots pulled out of the ground this week.  We have rack upon rack curing in the barn, and you can look forward to receiving onions in your share every week from now on.  Once they have cured you can treat them like keepers and store them away for a few months from now when you no longer will be receiving your fresh CSA share.

Shallots were my favorite discovery last year.  I had never cooked with them before, and was amazed at the delicate flavor they added to soups and pasta dishes.  If a recipe calls for minced onion, just replace it with shallot and you’ll love the subtle difference!

We’re busy planting oats and peas for winter cover crop in the fields, and just tilled in the buckwheat that the bees love.  We hate to take away the bees’ fun, but it will add important organic matter and fertility to the soil for next year. 

We would like to thank Ryan Parker, CSA member and corn weeder extraordinaire, for all his help this summer.  It was a pleasure to have him volunteer with us on the farm! 

Have wonderful meals  and a great week!

– Reba, Bill, & Eli     

Week 12 veggies:  Mesclun or Lettuce mix, Shallot, Onion, Zuchhini and Zephyr Squash, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Hot (Hungarian) Pepper, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes 

This week’s recipes:  Zucchini Dip, Oven Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta



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