The Cabbage Patch

The huge cabbages arriving in your share this week may be a little overwhelming.  We understand.  They’re not quite the tidy little cabbage variety we thought we were planting!  But they sized up before we knew it, and now we all get to enjoy stuffed cabbage, cole slaw, pasta and cabbage… go crazy!

The cider press went into action this week, with the summer apples from the ancient tree in the sheep pasture making some of the best cider we have ever tasted.  We look forward to pressing cider with you all in October at the annual farm potluck!

We pulled all of the tomato and pepper plants out of the greenhouse last week, and this week Bill planted the fall greens in there.  It feels good to know that the late fall spinach, mesclun, and arugula is on its way.

Some wonderful CSA volunteers showed up at the farm to help on harvest days this week.  Kyra West and Patrick Hunter helped everything go a little more smoothly, and we appreciate it so much!  And it was great to have so many of you show up to pick green beans.  We hope some good Dilly Beans got created!

– Reba, Bill & Eli

Week 14:  Green Cabbage, Potatoes, Kale, Cucumbers, Zucchini &/or Zephyr Squash, Shallot, Onion, Corn, Cherry Tomatoes

 This week’s recipes:  Barley, Kale and Kidney Bean Stew, Cabbage Stuffed with Lentils and Rice, Cannellini Beans with Cabbage and Pasta


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