Fall Plans

We’re starting our final month of the summer CSA and it’s time for  the fall CSA sign up!  Our fall CSA runs for four weeks from mid-October to mid-November and consists of fall greens from the greenhouse (mesclun, arugula, spinach) and cold hearty crops from the field (including broccoli, cabbage, winter squash, and kale).  It is a smaller offering than the summer CSA, and costs $50 for four weeks (add $5 for home delivery).  If you are planning on joining, call or email Reba and send a check to the address above.  Thanks!

Also, if you pick up at the Rockland UU church on Sundays, be sure to let us know if you will be picking up at the church retreat at Tanglewood on October 5th, or at the church like usual!

The frost that came this week was earlier than it has been in years.  It froze the tops of the basil as well as the cucumbers and zephyr squash, but everything else has survived so far!  It just means we can’t procrastinate any longer on making pesto to freeze for winter (even if the basil isn’t so pretty any more, it’s good for pesto!). 

We had a wonderful day at the Common Ground Fair on Saturday, and hope that many of you got the chance to go as well!  Eli’s favorite part was spotting all the hula hoops (someone was selling colorful hoops in the Maine made section) and feeding a horse an apple that he had carried for hours just for that purpose. 

Finally, watch out for the celery!  This isn’t bland California celery, this is potent local stuff!  It’s great in  soups and cooked, and has a super strong flavor if you eat it raw.

Have a great week! 

– Reba, Bill & Eli 

 Week 15 Veggies:  Celery, Basil, Salad Mix, Collard Greens, Broccoli, Potatoes

 Recipes:  Traditional Basil Pesto, Pasta with Broccoli


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