Considering the unreasonable quantity of rain that we’ve all been facing recently, most of the veggies continue to grow amazingly well.  There are more slugs and snails than we’ve ever seen before, though, and we replaced many eggplant and peppers that had been munched up.  If that is the worst that happens due to the rain, though, we consider ourselves lucky. 

Two exciting things that will be ready soon are the garlic scapes (yum!) and zucchini and summer squash.  Tiny inch-long zucchini are on the plants, and they will soon be harvested by the bucket load.

Other news on the farm:  piglets arrive this weekend for those of you who want to come visit.  And our multi-talented apprentice Jane Heaton continues to create beautiful signs to mark each veggie at the CSA pickups.  If you pick up on Sunday or Monday, make sure to admire her work!

Sometime soon I will send out an email about pre-ordering certified organic bulk blueberries from our friends at Red House Farm in Waldoboro.  We will be delivering their berries in mid-August to those of our CSA members who want to buy ten pound boxes, so start thinking about how many berries you can pack into your freezer for next winter!

Have a great week,

Reba and the HCF crew

Week 2 veggies:  Winterbor Kale, Cilantro, Baby Spinach, Mesclun Mix, Thyme, Radishes or Kohlrabi

This week’s recipes:  Kale Chips, Curried Spinach Soup with Yogurt and Cilantro, Sauteed Greens with Cannellini Beans and Garlic, Creamy Greens and Shallots



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