Dreaming of cows and blueberries…

Minna & Jane bunching garlic scapes

Minna & Jane bunching garlic scapes

We just finished one of our first sunny harvest days in recent memory, and it felt just wonderful!  We hope that the fields will continue to dry out this week and that soon the days of water-logged veggies will be well behind us.  A reasonable mix of sun and rain… now that would be dreamy. 

Two new WWOOFers, Jordan Wood (from Ohio) and Minna Latortue (from Philadelphia) joined us this week.  We continue to feel incredibly lucky with the crew here at the farm. 

The zucchini and summer squash have started to fruit, and from now until September they’ll be a regular feature in your share.  We heard how a lot of you were overwhelmed by the large cabbage heads last year, and so this year we planted a small variety.  The first ones are ready this week and they are so darn cute!

If you’ve never had collard greens before, give the recipe below a try.  We used to cook them just like kale and the other greens and never really liked them, and then we learned to cook them a LOT longer, following the recipe below.  They’re now one of our favorite summer treats.  They also work great in enchiladas and anything that you want the greens to really hold together in. 

We sold the last of our sheep this week, sadly.  The final three were just too happy to get out of the fence and go prancing through the veggie fields, and so we decided that it’s time to move on to the next livestock venture on the farm:  a dairy cow!  Let us know if you’d be interested in picking up raw milk and yogurt at the farm this fall and winter.  We can’t wait!

Also, I’ll be sending out an email next week to sign members up to buy ten pound boxes of certified organic blueberries from our friends at Red House Farm in Waldoboro  The cost per ten pound box is $30.  We’ll have the blues available for pick up at the UU church and at the farm during the week of August 9th. But for those of you on the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday delivery routes, if you definitely want to purchase them you may have to pick up your blues at the farm, depending on member interest and room in the van!

Have a great week!

Reba and the HCF crew

 Week 5 veggies:  Collard Greens, Garlic Scapes, Green Cabbage, Zucchini or Zephyr Summer Squash, Lettuce Head

This week’s recipes:  Shannon’s Delicious and Simple Collard Greens, Toasted Sesame Slaw


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