Carrots for Sale

CSAers ‘popping garlic’ (getting it ready to plant by breaking the bulbs into cloves).

CSAers ‘popping garlic’ (getting it ready to plant by breaking the bulbs into cloves).

What a beautiful day to get together last Sunday.  It felt like summer again, and it was great to see (and eat with!) so many of you.  More garlic got planted than ever before, and we even have a little bit left to put in this week’s share.  


If you are interested in storage carrots for the winter, we are selling 15 pound bags of our organic carrots for $25 a bag.  We used to store our carrots in boxes of sawdust in the cellar, but now we keep them in a big plastic bag pushed to the back of our fridge.  It’s much simpler this way and most of them keep great.  Last year we were eating our own crunchy carrots out of the fridge until May!  Let us know if you are interested.  Pickup will be at the farm in a couple of weeks. 

We’re busy cleaning up the farm this week because on Friday farmers from all over the state will come for a tour of the farm.  The tour is part of the ‘Farmer to Farmer’ conference that MOFGA puts on annually, and we hope that our farm looks good for the visitors!

If you haven’t done the CSA survey yet, remember that you can still do it here or at  A couple of members mentioned in their responses that they like tatsoi, so we’ve included tatsoi heads in this week’s share.

Finally, we hope that all those of you who stand on the side of equality, fairness and love will get to the polls on Tuesday to vote NO on ballot question one.  We understand that there is a range of opinions about this within our CSA membership, but this is an issue that we can’y stay quiet about.  So we hope you get out there and vote for families and vote for justice! 
Have a great week,
Reba and the HCF crew  
 Fall CSA Week 3:   Winter Squash, Tatsoi (Asian Green), Carrots, Red Cabbage, Garlic, Onions, Baby Turnips, Collards 

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