Getting ready for the new season

Thank goodness for the sun!  It’s been an odd spring on the farm, as I know that you are all able to attest to with your own rain-soaked lawns and gardens.  We have had a house full of apprentices (five full-season apprentices this year!) and very little for them to do, what with the fields being sodden and the greenhouses packed full of seedling that couldn’t be transplanted.  But with just a few days of sun on our backs we’re feeling optimistic, and hope that today’s glorious weather bodes well for the coming season.

We’re still planning on the first CSA deliveries to occur during the week starting June 12th.  We will keep you posted if we need to move that start date back by a week if the rain has slowed things down too much.  Unless you pick up in Rockland (and thus pack your own share), every CSA family should provide the farm with three reusable, flat-bottomed grocery bags at or before the first delivery (the sort you can get for a dollar or two at Hannafords).  Every week you’ll exchange your prior week’s empty bag for a full bag, and by giving us three to start the season, you’ll be covered if you forget your empty bag from time to time.  We’re asking for three this year in the hopes of avoiding having to squeeze your vegetables into flimsy plastic bags, which is what happens when we run short on reusable bags at the end of a harvest day!
Feel free to come by the farm any time to visit, either with us or with your crops growing in the fields, or with Boston, Tink and Cookie (the cows).  There are also new ducklings that hatched a couple of weeks ago (though they are in the awkward teenager stage right now), and a sweet apprentice farm dog (named Bucket) who loves visitors.  This year’s apprentices are Les, Megan, Neil, John and Sara, and you’ll get to meet them all before long,  As I write this, they are planting tomatillos (one of our new crop experiments for you this year!).

The 2011 crew! L to R: Les, Sara, John, Neil, farmer Bill, Megan

Take care, let us know if you have any questions for us, and we’ll be in touch again soon!
Reba and the HCF crew

Eli sprinting down the rows on potato planting day


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