Week One, Finally Here!

We have been looking forward to today’s CSA harvest for a long time. We simply love knowing the folks who eat what we grow.  It has been a challenging, wet spring, but the sun in these last few weeks has lightened our spirits and helped the plants make a good recovery.  And knowing you were out there, awaiting your fresh meals, kept us all going!

Our full-season crew this year is made up of a fabulous crowd:  Megan Racely, Les Macare, John Wright, Sara Hodges, and Neil Attfield.  We’ve never had so many apprentices at one time, but so far it has meant that even though the CSA is larger than ever before (and still with a wait list!), we’re all able to work, learn and play in reasonable balance.

If you are receiving a bi-weekly egg or chicken share, remember that  Cheryl from Terra Optima Farm will begin her deliveries next week.  And for those of you who are not bread members and have therefore not heard, we have a new bakery for the  bread and dessert CSA.  We’re excited to be supporting The Village Café and Bakery in Waldoboro, a wonderful bake shop on Friendship St. that is run by three very hardworking women:  Jess, Liz and Susan.  They are busy baking and experimenting with organic and Maine-grown ingredients for our members this week, and we can’t wait to enjoy the result!

In this week’s share are a few treats:  our favorite heirloom kale (Lacinato, also called Dinosaur Kale due to its bumpy leaves), Pea Shoots (a tender  garnish for salads and stir frys), Broccoli (small but tasty early heads), the famous Hatchet Cove Farm Mesclun Mix, and Beet Greens.  I once read (though I’m skeptical) that Beet Greens are native Mainers’ favorite vegetable.  These beet greens are so young and tender you can either eat them raw as a salad or sauté them with garlic, oil and a little vinegar.  Either way, they’re a treat.  Let us know if they’re your new favorite, too!

Have a wonderful week full of delicious meals, and remember to get in touch with any questions.  Enjoy!

Reba and the HCF crew

Week 1 veggies:  Lacinato Kale, Mesclun Mix, Pea Shoots, Broccoli, Baby Beet Greens

This week’s recipes:  Everyone’s Favorite Kale, Amazing Balsamic Vinaigrette

2011 apprentice John Wright feeding leftover pea shoots to Tink (black) and Cookie (redish brown).


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