Week Two: Greens!

Although the last few days have felt like a return to our cold, wet spring, we know that summer is out there somewhere, hiding underneath the clouds.  Many of the summer crops are coming along great:  eggplant and peppers in the hoophouse, basil in the fields, and the last of the pumpkins finally transplanted.  And the garlic that so many members helped plant last fall is looking gorgeous (garlic scapes next week – we can’t wait!).

For those of you who coveted your fellow members’ add-on shares when you saw their loaves  pies and cheeses, know that you can still sign up for any of them.  We pro-rate the price so that you just pay for the remaining weeks, and you can usually start up right away.  Contact me if you’re interested.

This week’s share is full of great greens.  When we’re out in the fields bunching greens, we’re always oohing and aahing over the beautiful colors.  As for the broccoli, the plants were stressed by the spring weather and so many heads are smaller and less pretty than usual.  But we made a broccoli slaw last night and it was still delicious.  With the collards, we didn’t learn to love them until our southern friend Shannon taught us to cook the heck out of them.  They need to be cooked for much longer than kale and chard, but when you do, they are simply delicious.  Pac Choi, while being the perfect stir-fry vegetable, is also great shredded into a slaw.  And we don’t think anyone needs directions on how to deal with the sugar snap peas (if they make it all the way home at all!).

Have a great  week and let us know how the CSA is going for you.  For those of you in the chicken and egg CSAs, remember that the first delivery will be this week.

Eat well,

Reba and the HCF crew

Sara, Megan and John harvesting spinach on a misty Saturday morning

 Week 2 veggies:  Spinach, Collard Greens, Sugar Snap Peas, Broccoli, Pac Choi, Beet Greens, Lettuce Mix

This week’s recipes:  Broccoli Slaw, Shannon’s Delicious and Simple Collard Greens, Double Sesame Pac Choi, Spinach with Walnuts, Anchovies and Raisins


One response to “Week Two: Greens!

  1. Bill…
    Piggybacking one of the kids while roto-tilling? Now that is true multi-tasking.
    Do you have your hands a bit full?

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