CSA Week 13

So many plans are underway at the farm!  Fall seems like it should be a time to start slowing down, but it seems like the opposite is happening! Plans for the fundraiser on October 9th are coming together (see the updated Save The Date) and we’re excited about the fabulous food that will be there.  This is a fundraiser and is open to the public (though primarily promoted through the CSA and the UUR).  But for all those who have wondered, we still will have our annual (and free!) garlic-planting, cider-pressing, potluck party at the farm (most likely on October 22 or 23).  We’d love to see you at both events!

It may be a bit startling to find what appears like an entire bush in your CSA share this week!  Fear not, edamame one of our favorite treats, but we leave it up to you to pull the soybeans off the plant!  Edamame is actually the name of the prepared dish made by cooking the soybeans in the pod in salted water.  The instructions are in this week’s recipes, but if you plan to wait a few days to cook them, you should pick the pods off the stalks and put them in a bag in the fridge.  They’ll keep best that way (not to mention they won’t take up a whole shelf of space!).

Next week we expect to start sign-ups for the fall CSA.  The fall share will run for four weeks, starting the week of October 23rd.  The vegetable share will cost $65, and will include salad greens out of the greenhouses as well as root crops, bunched green, onions, shallots, garlic, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, potatoes and more.  We’ll also be offering fall CSA extensions of the bread, cheese, mushroom, chicken, egg, and dessert shares.  Sign up will be online (as it was for the summer).  Stay posted for details!

While tomatoes are winding down for the season, we ought to have some seconds available for bulk canning orders.  Twenty pounds of tomatoes cost $30, for as long as they are available.  Green beans will still be available for a week or two more (5 lbs/$10) and Kale/Chard/Collards remain available.  Basil is still free pick-your-own or $8.50/lb pre-ordered.

As for the Bill back update, most days are better than the day before (he even picked green beans this week, looking, as a friend said, like a silverback gorilla on his knees with his back straight).  Enjoy your purple potatoes this week, let us know if you’d like to contribute to the planning of the fundraiser in any way (bake a pie!  Paint kids faces!  Donate beverages!  Just come and eat and donate!).

Reba and the HCF crew

John and Rob pressing the first apple cider of the season.

CJ patiently waiting for the first cider with her small drinking vessel (she really did drink about a whole mixing bowl full of cider before we realized what was going on).

Week 13 (of 18) veggies:  Cauliflower, Carrots, Edamame, Onion, Cucumber and/or Summer Squash, Cherry or Big Tomatoes, Mesclun Mix, Purple Viking Potatoes

This week’s recipes:  Edamame, Curried Cauliflower Flatbread


Save The Date
Share The Abundance!
A Pizza, Salad and Ice Cream Social Fundraiser at Hatchet Cove Farm
Sunday, October 9th, noon to 4:00

A delicious afternoon to raise money for both the HCF CSA “scholarship fund” (providing grants to make the HCF CSAs accessible to all) and for the UU church in Rockland, which so generously hosts and supports the CSAs.

Uproot Pie Co.  will be making pizzas in their portable pizza oven with ingredients from HCF and the add-on CSA farms.  Tours of the farm, live music, a chance to try your hand at milking the cow, and more!  If you’re interested in helping out, please contact Reba at info@hatchetcovefarm.com.

Contributors thus far include:  Uproot Pie Co, Good Tern Co-op, Rising Tide Co-op, Terra Optima Farm, Appleton Creamery, Oyster Creek Mushroom Co, The Village Bakery and Café, Oyster River Winegrowers, I Love Pie, Hope Hoffman/Free Grange Productions, and more to come!






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