Fall CSA 2011 Week Two

We’ve never had a snowstorm during a CSA delivery before, but it seems like we might have our first opportunity this Sunday!  For those of you who pick up in Rockland we will go ahead with the delivery as usual, but the shares will also be available at the farm on Monday and Tuesday in case you aren’t able to make it.  The shares will be pre-bagged and in our walk-in fridge (the blue door under the white tent next to our house).

If you’d like to stock up on pork, beef or lamb for winter, check out the opportunities below.  We’re really pleased to be able to connect our members to such great local farms.  It has become one of the most unexpected and satisfying aspects of growing such an engaged and hungry CSA community!

For those of you who are interested, remember that I will be speaking at the Juice conference PechaKucha at the Camden Opera House on 7pm on Friday, November 4th.  I’m second-to-last and so will have the whole time to get nervous, but hopefully I can talk slow enough for everyone to understand me!

Bulk items still available for purchase:  yellow onions (20lb/$30), Russet (white) potatoes (35lb/$40), carrots (15lb/$25), shallots (10lb/$45), turnips or rutabaga (15lb/$15).

Happy snowy Halloween!

Reba and the HCF crew

Pork and Beef from Terra Optima Farm
Terra Optima Farm will be offering a farmer’s choice selection of pasture-raised pork and/or beef for $50 per box (at direct sale prices).  You can choose between all pork selections (will include bacon), all beef (will include ground beef), or a mixture of pork and beef.  Delivery will be at the final CSA pick-up of the season (November 13/14).   Contact Reba (info@hatchetcovefarm.com) by November 4th with questions or with your order of an all beef, all pork, or mixed beef/pork box.   You can also order additional chickens for your winter freezer if you wish for delivery at that time.

Lamb from the Ullbrich Farm in Warren
The Ullbrich family has been raising sheep on Finntown Rd. since 1977.  The breed is mostly Scottish Blackface, which are a hearty, slow-growing breed that is mild in flavor.  They are completely grassfed on the farm’s own pasture and hay.

Lamb is sold by the 1/2 lamb (15-25 lbs) or whole lamb (30-50 lbs) at $7 per pound (finished product weight).   A whole lamb will generally fit into one generous-sized box and could be squeezed into a kitchen freezer.  Cuts include legs (bone in or out as requested), shoulder roasts (they recommend bone out), rib chops, loin chops, ground lamb (1 lb packages) and shanks.  They will request organ meat if you want it.

Pick up for the first batch of lambs is Sat. Dec 3 or Mon Dec 5 at the farm at 732 Finntown Rd, Warren (before you reach HCF on FInntown Rd).   Pick up for the second batch is Sat. Dec 31 or Mon Jan 2.

Contact Willy Ullbrich directly with questions or to order:  273-3044 or whulbrich@yahoo.com

Our most recent volunteer, Erin, moving the turkeys out of the field and into the barn before the snowstorm hits.

Week 2 (of 4):  Winter Squash, Salad (Hakurei) Turnips, Fall Salad Mix, Shallots, Savoy Cabbage, Potatoes, Carrots

This week’s recipes:  Ziti with Winter Squash and Roasted Garlic, Bubble and Squeak


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