Fluffy arrives!

I don’t know if any of you also feel like this spring-in-February weather is a bit unsettling, but at the same time I won’t complain about the feeling of sun on my face.  Our cow Boston gave birth to a bull calf (Eli and CJ promptly named him Fluffy) over the weekend, and a new chick just hatched from an incubator in the house, so that certainly heightens the spring-like feel around the farm.  I just spotted Fluffy trying out his shaky new legs in a honest-to-god frolic around the cow yard.  He’s super cute and you’re all welcome to come and visit him..

Remember that this Sunday, February 26th from 1-3pm is the free CSA fair at the UUR in Rockland.  Our add-on share producers will all be there, so if you want to ask questions of Cheryl Denz about the meat or egg shares, or if you want to sample the Village Bakery’s breads or Appleton Creamery’s cheeses or have some crunchy HCF carrots, come on by!  It will take place at the First Universalist Church, 345 Broadway, Rockland..

If you plan on signing up for the CSA but just haven’t done so yet, please go ahead and click here to sign up or let us know that you intend to.  If we can start to have a sense of our eventual numbers it would really help our planning and planting process. Thank you!
Our first onions will be seeded (in trays in the house) next week and we’re finalizing plans for a new CSA pick-up shed at the farm, so the season is starting to take shape in my mind.  I can’t wait!
Be well,
Reba & Bill


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