CSA Week Two

The great garlic scape harvest! This picture show the apprentices walking along the garlic rows, snapping off the flower spikes that grow off of each plant.

My favorite annual treat is here: garlic scapes!  Garlic scapes are a joy that only come around once a year, and I savor every last one that makes its way into our kitchen.  The scape is the gorgeous flower of the garlic plant, and we snap it off for two reasons.  One, so that the garlic plant will put less energy into the flower and more energy into growing its bulb of garlic.  Two, because it is so darn delicious.  My favorite way to eat it is simple — snipped into pieces and sautéed in olive oil with salt and pepper, until soft and wrinkly (looking sort of like overcooked green beans).  Or you can chop scapes up and use them in any dish as you would a garlic clove.  We love them, and luckily this year we have far more garlic (and hence far more scapes!) planted than ever before.

In other farm news, in the heat of last Wednesday, Bill and the crew put the metal roof onto the CSA barn.  They were awesome.  And though our Thursday CSA pick-up members had to tread through the scraps of wood to get in, we actually held the pick-up inside the barn.  It was quite exciting.  Thanks to our CSA member and carpenter friend Joe Libby, for helping make it happen.

As for veggies, despite the recent heat the plants are still feeling the effect of the earlier season of cold rain.  Everything from germination rates to soil fertility was impacted, and we’ve had to greatly reduce our usual wholesale orders.  But luckily enough of the broccoli plants pulled through to share broccoli with you this week.  The summer plantings of everything else will hopefully come along well now that they have some sun to help them along.

This week will be the first week of the meat and egg CSA shares.  Cheryl Denz from Terra Optima Farm will be at the CSA pick-ups to answer questions and hand out shares.  She usually brings some spares along, so even if you didn’t order a meat or egg CSA share, you can always ask to see if she has extras for sale.  We will also have raw milk available for sale at the pick-ups at the farm and at the UUR — just look for the blue cooler.  The other add-on shares (cheese, mushrooms and bread) are still available any time you’re interested in joining in on them.  Just send me an email to let me know.

Enjoy your meals, have a great week, and please be in touch with any questions!

Reba and the HCF crew

Week 2 of 18:  Garlic Scapes, Lettuce Head, Swiss Chard, Broccoli, Green Cabbage, Swiss Chard

This week’s recipes:  Garlic Scapes, Swiss Chard Pie, Toasted Sesame Slaw


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