CSA Week 8

Another hot and busy week on the farm.  We’re milking two cows these days (milk, anyone?) as well as trying to keep up with weeding, seeding, transplanting, a new apprentice search and a growing daily harvest list!  If you ordered Red House Farm organic blueberries, you should have received an email on Friday confirming the date and quantity of your order.  If you didn’t see this email but believed that you placed an order, please email me right away, because there are only a couple of boxes still available.

It’s pesto-freezing time!  As our harvests become ever-larger, we begin to have some items available for  pick-your-own or bulk orders.  Starting this week, one of our basil gardens will be open to CSA members for free pick-your-own harvests.  Send me an email if you plan to come by, and I’ll give you directions to the basil garden.  Or, if you come by on a Monday/Thursday/Saturday morning, I’ll most likely be under the white tent and can point you in the right direction.  If you prefer us to harvest it for you, the cost is $8/lb (less than our wholesale price).  We can also sell garlic seconds for pesto (or anything else) .   If you want additional  free zucchini, zephyr squash, or cucumbers for putting by, come by on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday am, or contact me to make other arrangements.  We have plenty of seconds that we don’t sell or provide to the CSA because they are too scratched up or are oversized.  But they are great for pickling and relish-making, and we’d love to pack you up a big bag to take home.

Have a great week full of wonderful meals!

Reba and the HCF crew

CJ overseeing the garlic-cleaning brigade on Saturday afternoon. Every single bulb gets hand-cleaned, and somehow this process always gets left for last on harvest days. But sitting in the shade and talking while we clean isn’t the worst way to end the day, as long as we’re not pressed for time!

Week 8 of 18 Veggies:  Ailsa Craig Onion, Cucumber, Zucchini and/or Zephyr Summer Squash, Garlic, Redbor Kale, Green Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Slicing Tomato

This week’s recipes:  Traditional Basil PestoLebanese Green BeansCrumbled Zucchini or Zephyr Summer Squash


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