CSA Week Twelve

Harvest, harvest and more harvest!  Between ground cherries, tomatoes and green beans, even our “non-harvest days” (Tues, Weds and Fri) have become harvest days, too!  Luckily, we’re finally going to fill out our apprentice roster this coming week, with not just one but two young women:  Mira and Mara, who have no relation to each other, other than the oddly similar names.  We look forward to getting caught up with so many of the tasks that have fallen behind over these past weeks, and hopefully have some time left over for our crew to enjoy fall in Maine.

For those of you interested in pick-your-own kale to freeze for the winter, please send me an email.  The kale is not at our home field this season, which makes it a little more complicated to direct members to it.  But it is just a few minutes down the road, and we’re happy to give directions to those of you who want to fill up your freezers with HCF hearty greens.

After some mighty weeding this week (yay, crew!), the fall plantings look truly beautiful.  The broccoli and cauliflower plants are especially gorgeous, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a bountiful autumn.  In next week’s newsletter we’ll have sign-up information for the fall CSA.  It’ll be for four weeks, mid-October to mid-November (starting the week after the summer share ends).

Have a wonderful week!

Reba and the HCF crew

Oh, carrots. You never fail to entertain. Are you the lucky CSA member who received this leggy root?! Photo by Praire Stuart-Wolff (www.cultivateddays.com).

Week 12 of 18:  Potatoes, Mesclun Mix, Tomatoes and/or Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Zephyr Squash, Ground (Husk) Cherries, Onion, Garlic, Beets w/Beet Greens

This is a Chicken and Egg CSA Week

This week’s recipes:  Roasted Beet Salad, Green Beans with Caramelized Onions, Chocolate Beet Cake


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