CSA Week Thirteen

It’ll be a brief newsletter this week, since we’re in the midst of a very busy Saturday evening.  In the name of efficiency, the following traces the trajectory of emotions this week at HCF.

  • Mira and Mara (awesome new apprentices) arrive:  Up.
  • Mira’s back promptly goes out on her:  Down (though she is feeling better now:  Up!)
  • Onion harvest and Winter Squash harvest are completed:  Up.
  • Perhaps due to rain patterns and field conditions, the Winter Squash harvest is meager and the squash are not going to store well:  Down.
  • Apprentices complete the harvest on Saturday and give the Pluecker-Richardson family the day off to go to a wedding:  Up.
  • The Pluecker-Richardson family arrives home at 9pm Saturday to a windstorm and the plastic torn off the greenhouse:  Down.

Needless to say, there will be another plastic-raising event in the near future.  Many hands will be needed to keep the giant sheet of plastic from sailing off as we spread it over the greenhouse. (We already have some experienced members in the CSA, from the last time that greenhouse plastic got torn off the frame!).  We’ll let you know when we know the date of the “plastic raising.”

Another important Save The Date!  On September 22nd, Cheryl Denz of Terra Optima Farm and Melody Wolfertz of In Good Company, will be hosting the second “Share The Abundance” fundraiser for the CSA Financial Aid Fund. It will be located at Terra Optima Farm in Appleton and details will be forthcoming via Facebook and email.

The odd-looking salad green in your share this week is Purslane.  It’s a delicious variety of what is usually considered a weed, and is one of my favorite things on the farm.  It’s lemony, crunchy, and just down-right weird. I munch on it by the handful.

Details and the link for the Fall CSA will be arriving in your in-box later this week.

Have a great week!

Reba and the HCF crew

Week 13 of 18:  Ground (Husk) Cherries, Potatoes, Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Purslane, Red & Yellow Onion, Rainbow Lacinato Kale, Green Beans

This week’s recipes:  Kale Pesto, P3 Salad:  Potatoes, Purslane and Pickles



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