Fall CSA 2012 – Week One!

This morning during the harvest, it seemed like the skies reserved the strongest downpours for whenever the crew headed out of the wash shed and into the field.  Even with the rain, though, it felt like a bit of a vacation day.  The size and scope of the fall CSA is so much more limited than the summer CSA (both in terms of member numbers and in terms of how much we are harvesting).  We’re looking forward to the next four weeks.  It’s a gentle easing out of the intensity of the summer season for us, and a chance to cook more and enjoy the veggies while they’re still fresh out of the ground.  We hope you enjoy it, too!

You can still make reservations (593-9110) for ‘A Mighty Fine Meal’ at In Good Company on Thursday, November 1st.  This fundraiser (half the proceeds go to our CSA Financial Aid Fund) will feature Hatchet Cove veggies, Terra Optima Farm meat, and Appleton Creamery cheese.  It is $50 pp for a four-course meal (beverages, tax and tip excluded) and we hope to see many of you there!

Also, if you’re having a big holiday gathering, Cheryl at Terra Optima  Farm has some BIG turkeys!  For any turkeys over 24lb she has dropped the price to $3/lb.  Contact her at cheryldenz5@ gmail.com.

The crazy-looking, ginger-like things in the CSA this week are Jerusalem Artichokes (also known as Sunchokes).  They are one of the few vegetables (tubers, actually) that is indigenous to North America, cultivated by Native Americans long before Europeans arrived.  While I wouldn’t necessarily eat them weekly, I enjoy using them in the fall or, given their history, at Thanksgiving.

Garlic is still available, if you’re planning on planting some or storing extras this year.  10 head for $15.  And our annual Potluck/Garlic Day/Cider Pressing is still scheduled for the afternoon (starting at 12 noon) of October 28th.  Our apple trees did terribly this year, so we won’t have any apples to make cider unless members are able to bring some to share!

Finally, if you participated in the summer CSA and you have not filled out the CSA survey, please do so!  It just takes a couple minutes and it really impacts our winter planning.  Thank you!

Have a wonderful week, let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy!


Fall Week 1 of 4:  Peppers (Green and Red), Russet Potatoes, Yellow Sweet Oninos, Garlic, Mesclun Mix, Lacinato Kale, Rutabaga, Jerusalem Artichoke

This week’s recipes:  “You Won’t Believe These” Brown-Roasted Rutabaga WedgesMassaged Kale Salad with Apricots, Avocado and Parmesan, Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup


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