Fall CSA Week 2

Another gorgeous farm potluck day has come and gone. This afternoon we split apart a cart’s worth of garlic bulbs. Next week, they’ll get planted. From the pulled pork sandwiches to the chocolate beet cake, it was a delicious afternoon. Thank you to all who came and spent a beautiful afternoon with us! We really do love our extended CSA-member-family.

Boys on Bales. I think these guys spent hours atop these bales during the potluck. Eli ended the day bemoaning “why do we only have one CSA potluck a year” before promptly falling asleep. While still in the bath.

Speaking of supporting our “CSA family,” consider joining us at dinner at In Good Company on Thursday night, Nov. 1st. We’re going to have some good storm stories to tell, and what better way to share them than over a great meal. Reservations are required (593-9110) for this farm-to-table meal, featuring produce from Hatchet Cove Farm, Terra Optima Farm, the Teen Ag crew at Aldermere Farm, and Appleton Creamery. The cost is $50/pp for the four-course meal (beverages, tax and tip not included) and we know it’s going to be incredible. The proceeds from this event will be split between the Hatchet Cove Farm Financial Aid Fund (helping dozens of Mid-Coast families afford their CSA shares) and the Teen Ag crew at Aldermere Farm (growing veggies for area food pantries). Hope to see you there.

The recipes this week feature three of our old favorites. If you have kids (or adults) in your family who don’t like beets, give Eli’s Best Beets a try. It converted him into a beet lover.

Have a wonderful week!

Reba, Bill and the HCF crew

Fall Week 2 of 4: Carrots, Beets, Radishes, Peppers (Green and Red), Russet Potatoes, Yellow Sweet Onions, Garlic, Kale (Winterbor or Rainbow Lacinato)

This is a pork, chicken and egg week.

This week’s recipes: Eli’s Best Beets, Barley, Kale and Kidney Bean Stew, Minestrone


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