CSA Week Thirteen

The most important thing about the CSA to me is that we’re able to feed such a wide segment of Mid-coast families healthy, organic food.  One thing that makes the CSA so accessible is the Hatchet Cove Farm Financial Aid Fund.  In 2010 we began annual fundraising so that we could do as much as possible to help all interested families be a part of the farm.  We applied for grants, held a pizza party at the farm, co-sponsored a dinner at In Good Company, and many of you make weekly donations to the fund along with your CSA payments.  With the funds raised we have been able to do everything from match payments for members paying with SNAP funds, to cover a payment or more for a family in tough straits.  In 2013 alone have shared over $5,000 with well over thirty Mid-coast families.

Now that the fund is nearly depleted for this year, we’ve been thinking about what we could do for 2014.  Up stepped our wonderful CSA member Hanako Nakazato.  Hanako is a 14th-generation potter from Japan who creates beautiful, simple, functional pottery.  She splits her time between Japan and Maine, and over time has compiled a large quantity of seconds of her work.  She will be selling these seconds at a discount (50-90%!!) at all of our CSA pick-up locations during the week of September 29th, with the proceeds to go to the HCF Financial Aid Fund

So come help out your fellow members by purchasing her mugs, plates, pots, vessels and more.  But even more so, purchase some to make yourself happy!  There’s nothing more satisfying that eating a meal made from fresh CSA ingredients out of Hanako’s bowls.  She has a studio in Union and her work is available at local stores (including The Black Parrot and Aarhus), but this is an amazing opportunity to enjoy her work at very affordable prices.  Invite your friends to come shop, too!  Visit www.monohanako.com to see examples of her work.

The big harvest excitement this week was the melons.  Thankfully, we harvested just enough to give each family one!  Melons are a little bit like roulette — you have no idea what awaits you inside.  You could hit the jackpot, or you could come up with a dud.  The few we’ve had so far, though, have been delicious.  I hope that yours is, too.

Tomatoes to put by will still be available at all CSA pick-ups (10 lb for $15), and there is still free PYO basil at the farm.

Have a great week!

Reba and the HCF crew

Week 13 of 18:  Melon, Lettuce Mix, Onion, Collard Greens, Green or Red Peppers, Cilantro, Potatoes, Garlic, Tomatoes, and depending on the day Green Beans, Beets, Cukes, Zukes/Zephyr, and/or Eggplant

This week’s recipes:  Shannon’s Simple and Delicious Collard Greens, Fresh Tomato Salsa

Cheese CSA Week Thirteen

HCF Sale Poster

A very happy melon harvester.

A very happy melon harvester.


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