Spring Greens CSA Week Two

May is flying by fast. Our first full week went great with Sayni and Sobha Ram, our new apprentices from Nepal (click here to see a picture of them). On Sunday our final apprentice, Julia, will arrive, and then we’ll have a very full farm!  In addition, a new dog joined us on the farm on Saturday from an animal rescue organization.  We’re not sure of his name yet (Squeegie? Kali Cucu? — aka ‘Black Dog’ in Nepali). He’s a sweet, shy fellow and we’re hoping that he’ll fit right in and eventually join our beloved dog Mica on the CSA greeting committee.

The spring onions in this week’s share are  overwintered from last fall (the only way to get scallions this early in the season). Don’t limit yourself to eating just the white part—chop up the whole scallion, white part to bulb tip. They’re a delicious spring treat! We also uncovered the rows of hearty greens (such as kale, chard and gailon broccoli) from the white row cover yesterday, and they look beautiful. I can’t wait for them to get a little bigger and then we’ll start harvesting them for the CSA.

We are now officially selling Daisy and Star’s milk.  (Hooray! Bill’s endless hard work over the winter finally has come to fruition!) Even if you did not sign up for a raw milk CSA share, we will often have half-gallon plastic jugs of milk available for $4 at the CSA pick-ups. Milk will also be for sale every day in the fridge at the CSA stand on the farm.  The glass half-gallon jars are reserved for milk CSA members only, so if you try it and you like it, please sign up for the milk CSA at any time to get yours in glass!

If anyone has connections in the education or women’s leadership/development spheres and would be interested in showing Sayni around your school, workplace or something related, please let me know. While Sayni is being a very good sport about the farming while she’s here, her true passion is in those spheres, and we would love to connect her to some local schools and organizations over the next few months.

Enjoy your greens, and please be in touch with any questions!

Reba, Bill & the HCF crew   

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