CSA Week Ten

This heat!?! Doesn’t it feel like an extra intense summer this year? It definitely takes its toll on all of us. The tomatoes are loving it, though, as are some other crops. Hopefully we can get some good rain over the next few days since, so far, the little bits we’ve gotten haven’t added up to much relief. But summer will inevitably end before we know it, and I’m determined to enjoy every last warm night, even if it sometimes feels over the top.

I’m facing an unusual situation with our farm dog and am including it in the newsletter in the hopes that someone in the farm community might have a solution. We adopted our beloved dog, Rye, from the animal shelter in February, and have come to realize over the past few weeks that the farm is not the right home for him. Over the past six months he has proven himself to be an incredible dog in many ways. He’s beautiful, quick to learn, a total bowl of jelly with his family (although he weighs over 50 lbs, he loves nothing better than to climb up in a lap and flip over on his back for a belly rub) and incredibly loyal. The problems, though, are that he can’t live with cats (he killed one of our barn cats by shaking it) and definitely has a prey drive that kicks in around small, fast-moving things. Even though he’s amazing with the kids he knows, I don’t feel like I can trust him around toddlers who might take off running at any moment. And he definitely wants to be a guard dog — he barks ferociously at whoever approaches the house (the fact that his tail is always wagging doesn’t make it any more friendly-seeming). The farm just has too much stimulation for him. He’s the kind of sweet dog who will quietly follow you anywhere, just wanting to sit next to you while you cook or work on the computer or garden. He loves to play with other dogs, doesn’t chase our chickens or our cows (after we taught him not to), knows basic commands, and can quickly learn rules. At this time we keep him in a crate during the CSA pick-up and other times with lots of folks around, and I don’t know we could ever let him live the life of a farm dog, welcoming CSA members and chasing off deer. 

If you know of anyone who might be interested in adopting a sweet, beautiful goober of a dog, complete with his own issues that I believe would be manageable in the right home, please get in touch. We love this guy and want him to be in a situation where he’s safe, secure and happy.  

Have a great week, and enjoy your summertime feasts.

Reba, Bill and the HCF crew

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