Spring Greens CSA Week Two – News and Recipes

What a wild weather week for the poor plants – and crew! First the downpour during the CSA delivery on Sunday. Then freezing temperatures and the Monday harvest and delivery in woolens and scarves. And then Thursday… on the farm it was 91 degrees in the shade! But Thursday evening epitomized all the things I love about the CSA pickup, regardless of the weather. CJ and I sat in the shade of the pickup shed and ate peppery Appleton Creamery cheese on slices of fresh radishes, while CSA families gathered up their veggies and moseyed down the driveway to visit the calves. The one downside to the evening was when our bull, Toaster, arrived unbidden at the head of the driveway. He had been supposedly securely ensconced in the field just up the road but was just too eager to join the ladies to stay put. Now one of our cows, Cookie, is bred a couple months too early and Toaster is feeling quite pleased with himself. 

If you get a yogurt, cheese or milk share, please remember to bring your jar(s) and/or cheese bag back this week (unless you still have milk or yogurt left — in which case, there’s no rush! Just bring it next time.). Also remember that this is an “off” week for eggs and yogurt, since they are every-other-week shares.

This week’s newsletter photo introduces you to Maple, our sweet, naughty, and often bark-y puppy. I walked out of the wash shed today and caught Maple creeping off with a egg container that she stole from somewhere. She was so excited to hide somewhere and tear it to shreds. She’s nervous when CSA members show up and will probably bark a lot if she sees you, but know that she’ll not be aggressive — she’ll likely just stay at a distance and make a lot of noise. So ignore her, go ahead and get your CSA share or visit the animals or do whatever you’re there to do. Eventually she’ll nervously creep around to sniff you and say hi, and if you have a treat with you, feel free to share it with her. Our primary goal these days is for her to learn that CSA members are not scary, but that cars in the road are! At this point, she’s got that a bit reversed.

Have a wonderful week, and I hope you’re enjoying all the spinach as much as I am. Since spinach only grows really well in the cooler weather, we usually don’t have larger quantities like this to provide to the summer share. We hope you enjoy it now — it’s one of the perks of being in the spring CSA!

Have a great week, please contact me with any questions, and we’ll see you soon!

Reba and the HCF crew  

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