Spring Greens CSA Week Four

We’re starting the final week of the Spring Greens CSA, and it has been a good spring season for those of us who love salads and leafy things! The cool temperatures and rain will inevitably delay the arrival of some of our peak summer crops, but the silver lining of these never ending rain clouds is the beautiful spinach, radishes and arugula: the crops that just love this kind of weather. I just have to believe that one of these days the sun will come out, the warmth will arrive, and all the summer vegetables that are currently struggling in waterlogged soil will spring right up and grow with abandon!

In addition to our full-season apprentices and volunteers, we occasionally welcome short-term volunteers to the farm (“WWOOFers” – which stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). This past week a wonderful couple, Kara and Ike, joined us in a retrofitted van that they are living in while they visit farms across the country. Soon after they arrived we realized that Kara had some serious artistic skills, and before long she was sketching a mural to paint on the side of our delivery truck. It was an amazing process to watch happen, made even more amazing in that it was done in quick bursts of time between rain, mist and darkness. Kara and Ike were only here for a short week, but they’ve left a lasting mark on the farm and we’re so grateful! Visit our Facebook page to see the entire progression, from sketch to finished product. Shortly after painting the final strokes of the cow they left for their next stop, Darthia Farm, which happens to be the first farm that Bill and I apprenticed on!

In your share this week you’ll find Tatsoi heads, a mustard which is technically a variety of Chinese cabbage.  You will sometimes find baby Tatsoi leaves in our Mesclun Mix, but we transplanted these seedlings to grow into small heads that we harvested whole. Use it like any spinach/cabbage-like green in a stir-fry, chopped into a salad or slaw, or wilted into pasta. Coming soon is one of our favorite crops on the farm: gailon broccoli! Some of you may see it in your share this week, some of you will have it next week. But it’ll be around for a while, which is good because we can never get our fill of this sweet and delicious cousin of broccoli.

As always, feel free to get in touch with any questions, changes you need to make to your pickup or shares, or with any payment questions. If it has been a month since your last payment, please make an installment or be in touch about your payment plans.

Have a wonderful week and eat well!

Reba & Bill & the HCF crew

Spring Greens CSA Week 4 of 4: Tatsoi Heads, Hakurei Turnips, Radishes, Spinach, Arugula, Mesclun Mix   

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This week’s recipes: Arugula Pesto, Sesame-Ginger Asian Greens

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