Summer CSA Week Six

We can taste high summer approaching when Red House Farm lets us know that it’s time to place our order for fresh, organic wild blueberries. The Red House Farm berries are expertly harvested and winnowed by our friends Amy, Bill, Amos and Will, and are always amazingly fresh and clean. They’ll sell out quickly (there are very limited quantities available) and if you miss your chance to sign up, know that I hope to get additional organic blueberries from another farm — so stay posted, and don’t lose hope if you miss out! The cost is $40 per 10 pound box, and for this first order please don’t sign up for more than one box. If more become available I’ll certainly let everyone know. Payment should be made the day of the pickup, with cash or checks made out to HCF. Members who receive EBT can use their cards, and matching funds can cover half of the cost of berries for those members. I can’t wait for the berries — our family freezes most of them immediately and we use them in smoothies, in lunchboxes (my kids love to get a small jar filled with frozen blueberries) and in baked treats all winter long. Enter your name and email next to any available number under your chosen date (August 6, 7, 8, or 10) on this spreadsheet.

It was finally a peaceful week on the farm with the cows, thank goodness. Other than Cookie’s earsplitting yodeling day and night, all bovines behaved as good cows should. Plenty of other adrenaline-spiking activities took place (such as trips to the ER with a visiting child) but, luckily, the sun continued to shine and the veggies continued to grow. Our newest farm volunteer, Rose, arrived to join the crew for the next month, and so we have a full house and a full crew!

If you missed your honey or your chicken share in the past couple weeks, please let me know before your CSA pickup this week. I’ll bring it along.

After my cell phone took a swim in the pond a few weeks ago, the camera never recovered (unless I want to take a selfie: the front camera works…but there’s only so many times you all want to see a selfie of me + veggie). I’m therefore dependent on our crew to take good shots, hence the decrease in frequency of my picture postings on Facebook. Thanks to Michael for taking this cute picture of Cara in the garlic scapes last week!

Have a great week, and please be in touch with any questions!

Reba, Bill and the HCF crew

Summer CSA Week 6 of 16 [within brackets = you’ll receive a selection of these items this week]: Salad Mix or Arugula, Zucchiniand/or Zephyr Summer Squash, Kale, [Eggplant, Garlic Scapes, Parsley, Basil, Baby Beets, Carrots]

Summer Week 6 add-on shares: Milk, Bread, Tofu, Cheese, Mushrooms, Oil & Vinegar

This week’s recipes: Kale PestoQuick Zucchini or Summer Squash Sauté

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