Summer CSA Week Four

Here we are, at CSA Week Four and still alive! First of all, a Farmer Bill update. Bill is scheduled for back surgery on July 16th. The surgery sounds relatively straightforward and, with any luck, he should be back to 75% strength by the end of July. So we feel very hopeful that there is a clear path forward. July will be a very challenging month, no doubt, but my basic plan despite whatever insanity comes is the following: stay hydrated, keep making daily to-do lists, and do everything possible to keep our crew and members feeling happy and appreciated! We are beyond grateful to the members, friends and family who keep showing up to help. We know that depending on the weeding abilities of our members is not a long-term plan for success, but it certainly is helping keep this farm chugging ahead right now. If you want to drop by for an hour or two of weeding and you don’t mind possibly working on your own, just send me a text before you head over and I’ll tell you what is up next. There will also be all-hands-on-deck kind of days coming up, such as the garlic harvest (at the end of July) and the big fall transplanting (at the start of August). I will let you know in the newsletter as those times approach. For those who have helped with food and cleaning and general morale boosting, we truly can’t thank you all enough. We are so grateful. 

For those interested in helping Bill get elected to the State Legislature (yep, amidst all the rest of this, the Farmer Bill for State Rep campaign goes on!), you are welcome to come walk with us at the Thomaston Fourth of July parade! Come wearing something green (if you have it) and find us at the Pluecker-sign-festooned farm truck at the Thomaston cemetery around 9:30 am on Wednesday. Send me a text (712-7382) if you have any questions!

Now, finally… on to the vegetables. To my great delight, the garlic scapes are ready! Scapes are the flower spike of the garlic plant, and we pluck them off both so that more of the plant’s energy can go into growing the bulb of the plant (aka the head of garlic), and also because they are beautiful and oh-so-delicious! Mince the entire stalk up (just not the tough pointy tip). Or blend them up in a food processor with olive oil and any of the other herbs in this week’s share, and use that pesto on pasta, pizza, rice or meat. It’s so good! 

Tulsi (or ‘Holy Basil’) will be in the seconds/extras area at each delivery this week. Tulsi is a medicinal herb often used in Ayurvedic healing, and in that tradition is considered an adaptogen that promotes longevity. Bring a couple branches home and try making a tea with the leaves! 

This is a Summer Pork CSA week, and any pork shares that don’t get picked up will be stored in the chest freezer in the pick-up shed at the farm. 

Have a great week, and again, thank you for all your understanding and encouragement as we muddle our way through this complicated season. We literally couldn’t do it without you. 

Reba and the HCF crew

Week Four Vegetables: Herbs (two of the following: Dill, Parsley, Cilantro, Basil), baby Zucchini and/or Zephyr Squash, Salad Mix, Arugula, Garlic Scapes, [Pea Shoots, Radishes, Cucumber] 

This week’s recipes: Garlic ScapesDill-Lemon ButterRadish Salsa

Week Four Add-on Shares: Pork, Cheese, Bread, Mushrooms, Oil & Vinegar, Milk

Cheese CSA Week FourOil & Vinegar Week Four