2019 CSA Week Five

For the most part, life on the farm this year feels almost unsettlingly sustainable  — no one is getting knee or back surgery (Bill in ’16, ’17 & ’18), no one is running for State House (Bill in ’18), no crops are growing in far-away fields getting decimated by deer (as in ’15-’18), and, miracle of miracles, there is no CSA delivery on Sunday mornings! Our family even camped out last Friday night for the first time in recent memory, thanks to awesome apprentices, employees and friends. Hopefully I’m not jinxing things by saying this, but we’re full of so much gratitude for this relatively undramatic summer. There may be haters out there that we’re having to deal with right now (yes, the alt-right has decided that Bill and our small farm is a good target, apparently) but with friends and our community standing up for us, we’re going to remember only the love! 

Our favorite one-time harvest of the season is coming in this week: Garlic Scapes! Scapes are the flower spike of the garlic plant. Even if they didn’t taste delicious we’d still harvest them so as to direct more of the plant’s energy back into growing the bulb. But luckily, they also taste awesome. We mince them up and use them as we would garlic in any recipe, or just chop off the tip and saute them in olive oil, salt and pepper until they are soft and wrinkly. 

We have another harvest-your-own member opportunity on the farm — Sugar Snap Peas! The peas are extremely time-consuming to harvest, and this week we have to turn our attention to other crops, but if you’re willing to muddle through the pretty intense weeds, you’ll find your riches in Sugar Snaps! Come by any time in the next few days and just bring a vessel to harvest into – they’re sweet and delicious and won’t last long. As you walk down the driveway towards the house, the peas are in the garden space immediately past the last greenhouse on your right. You may not initially see them in there as it looks a bit jungle-y, but there are lots! Shoot me a text (712-7382) if you have any questions. 

Remember that if you have a Pork CSA share, this week is your first delivery. If you won’t be at a pick-up please let me know so that I can keep your pork in the freezer! And finally, Eli’s piglets officially have names: Eddie and Hazel, after two characters in John Steinbeck’s novel Cannery Row. Eli was on a Steinbeck kick this spring, and it looks like it paid off in pig names!

Have a great week, 


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