CSA Week 15

Well things have quieted quite a bit down on the farm. What a relief. Bill is gently mobile again, and aside from swinging a small child down from a round haybale last week (he said it was impossible to resist when she asked), he’s being a relatively responsible recuperator. Thank goodness. 

If you’re a Tuesday pick-up member, give our thanks and our appreciation to Thea and Becky, who will be managing the pickup in my absence. It is Bill and my 15th wedding anniversary, and we’re off to Portland for a concert. We’re so grateful that they are willing to take on the complicated (and wonderful, of course) Tuesday pickup!

Remember that this is the first week of the Apple CSA. If you miss your pickup on Tuesday evening, your apple share will be in the walk-in at the farm just like all the other veggies for late pick-up. 

Our employee Christina has potted up some beautiful jade plants for sale to raise money for the CSA financial aid fund. We’ll have them available at the pickups for $5 until they’re gone. 

Have a great week!

Reba and the HCF crew

Vegetables CSA Week Fifteen: Cucumber, Zucchini/Zephyr/Patty Pan, Celery/Parsley/Basil, Potatoes, Lettuce Mix, Chard/Kale, Husk Cherries, Shallot, Yellow Onion, Big Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, [Tomatillos and Tulsi in the Extras]

Add-ons Week 15: Apples, Tofu, Ferment, Yogurt, Eggs, Milk, Bread, Cheese, Mushrooms, Oil & Vinegar

Recipes Week 15: Warm Lentil and Potato SaladEasy Peanut KaleTomato Fritatta with Fresh Marjoram or Thyme