2nd Annual Hatchet Cove Potluck!

Hello CSAers –

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, October 20th, with a rain date of Saturday, October 27th, we will have our second annual cider-pressing, garlic-planting, CSA potluck! From sitting in the sun and popping open garlic bulbs to getting your fingers in the dirt, planting cloves, there’s a job for everyone and every age. We hope to see you there around noon– don’t forget your apples and a jar to take cider home! Directions are at the end of the letter…

There was the rumor of a first frost this week, but it didn’t touch us down in Friendship or Warren. We wouldn’t mind a frost that much, since most of the cold-sensitive plants are done for the season, and the cold weather just makes the brussels sprouts and winter squash that much more tasty. Since all the tomatoes are in the greenhouse, they’ll be protected for a while yet, so we’re happy for the fall weather to finally come our way!

Have a great week, and eat well!

Reba, Bill, Eli, & Abby


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