Storage Potatoes

Hello everyone!

We dug and dug all day on Friday, but still haven’t reached the end of the potatoes! If you are interested in buying a forty pound bag of white storage potatoes, we are selling them to CSA members for $20 per bag. They vary in size and are not pristine, but it is a very inexpensive and delicious way to eat organic potatoes once the CSA ends. Let us know if you want a bag, and we’ll deliver it next week.

The black plastic is finally pulled up from the field, which is a big relief. All the salad greens have germinated in the greenhouse and if we keep having such a mild fall, you’ll be seeing our greens for sale in the co-ops into December.

We have given out all the butternut squash already for the season, but in case you have some squash leftover from past weeks, I have included the recipe below… I tried it for the first time this past week and it is so very delicious I had to share it with you all!!

Have a great week, and for those of you who pick up in Rockland, we will be doing the final delivery next week between the two services — from 10 to 11am.

Be well,

Reba, Bill, & Eli


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