New Garlic, New Potatoes!

 We love digging up the first potato plants mid-July and seeing all the bright red baby potatoes clinging to the roots.  We don’t want to dig up all of the plants quite yet;  if we give them another month we’ll have far more potatoes available for you then.  But it’s a wonderful treat and we’re excited to include them in your shares this week!

Another great thing we discovered this week is that the garlic planting party that so many of you came to last fall resulted in some ENORMOUS garlic bulbs!!!  We’ve never grown such large garlic before!  So we pulled enough now (earlier than usual) to give you all a taste of really fresh, new garlic.  It’s a totally different intensity level than cured, wintertime garlic. 

At the farm this week we have a wonderful new volunteer from Cushing, Claire Abisalih, who will be working with us through July.  We also have two new piglet additions to the barnyard, whom we hope will become far less cute as the months go by.  And finally the farmstand at the farm is open for the season!  It was supposed to be open weeks ago, but it took till this week for Reba to feel well enough to deal with it!

Remember that our favorite Collard Recipe that we gave a few weeks ago is now archived on our website, as are some amazing pictures of the farm taken by volunteer Kate Wartchow. 

Zucchinis and summer squash are just starting to come on, so look forward to them next week!

Have a great week, and wonderful meals!

– Reba, Bill, Sara, & Eli 

 Week 5 veggies: Lettuce head, Peas (snow or sugar snap), New Garlic, New Potatoes, Red & Green Scallions, Collard Greens



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