Midsummer Veggies

Midsummer is fully upon us, with the summer squash harvest coming in daily.  Early in the season we lost many of our squash and cucumber plants to cutworms and wilt, and so we now expect to have fewer cukes and zukes than usual.  Don’t fear, though — we will have enough for the CSA!  It’s always upsetting to lose plants that we expected to produce well, but we’re happy to see the ones remaining thrive.

We were excited to harvest the savoy cabbage this week — we have never grown it before, and it is so beautiful and tasty.  Using it in our favorite coleslaw (Toasted Sesame Slaw in the recipe section) will be a treat.

Hope for rain for us this week — the fields are thirsty, and the quick storm we had at the start of the weekend didn’t make much of a dent!  Luckily we have a better irrigation system than ever before, and so are able to keep many crops well hydrated in this dry time.

Have a great week and eat well!

– Reba, Bill, Sara & Eli

  Week 6 veggies: Baby Lettuce Mix, Zucchini and Zephyr Summer Squash, New  Potatoes, Savoy Cabbage, Cilantro, Cucumber


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