Great Garlic!

We have never had a garlic year quite as good as this one.  The bulbs that we pulled out of the ground last week were larger and healthier than we had ever seen.  The combination of sheep manure and seaweed mulch seems to have worked amazingly well, and we look forward to having another great garlic planting potluck day with you all in October!  The only upset on garlic harvest day was that Bill uncovered a yellow jacket nest in one corner of the field and got stung multiple times on his face.  So that section of garlic will stay unharvested for now!  Now the bulbs just have to cure, and even in this wet weather they seem to be doing just fine, spread all over our barn  on drying racks.

The rainy weather has been good in many ways—the newly transplanted broccoli, cabbage, kale and collards love it.  But tomatoes are coming in slower than usual, and disease loves to spread in the damp weather.   We expect dry August weather to return any day now, and this rain will then help us make  it through to the fall. 

Have a great week enjoying the bounty of veggies coming out of the fields!

– Reba, Bill, Sara & Eli

Week 9 veggies:  Green Beans, Potatoes, Mesclun or Baby Lettuce Mix, Green Peppers, Onion, Zucchini and Zephyr Summer Squash, Tomato, Basil, Cucumbers         



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