Survey 2008

Hatchet Cove Farm 2008 CSA Member Survey

Thanks for being part of a great farming season!  We would really appreciate hearing about what worked well for you and what you might like to see done differently.  Please hand this back to us after filling it out or mail it to our address:  1133 Finntown Rd, Warren, ME 04864.  THANKS!!

1.  Name (optional): _______________________________________________

2.  How did you get your veggies?          Home delivery          church delivery                    Farm pickup

3.  Do you feel that the amount of veggies you received was a good amount for you, and a good value (please explain)?   Yes______________________________________________________________
No________________________________ ­­­_______________________________

4.  What vegetable(s) would you have liked more of? ______________________________________

5.  What vegetable(s) could you have done without?________________________________________

6.  How did you find the quality of the veggies? ___________________________________________

7.  Did you like (and read) the letters?___________________________________________________

8.  Did you like (and use) the recipes?___________________________________________________

9.  Did you ever access the letters or recipes online (at our website)?___________________________

10.  Are you planning on coming to the cider pressing, garlic planting, and potluck day on October 19th?  yes___________________________                       no___________________________________

11.  Will you participate in the CSA next year?             definitely                   maybe                           no

12.  If maybe or no, why?______________________________________________________________

13.  Is the CSA your only source of produce, or do you supplement it with other purchases (local or otherwise, and if so from where)? ___________________________________________________

14.  Why do you choose to be in a CSA? (please rank the top three that apply)
 ___ to support local agriculture         ___ more affordable way to eat organic, local veggies
___ to know your farmer ___ quality of veggies ___convenience (how so? ________________)
___ other: _____________________________________________________________

15.  Do you know of anyone who might like to join the CSA next year?  (name/number/email) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
16.  Any other comments or suggestions?  We want to hear them!  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for a great season!!!


Week 17 Veggies:  Delicata Squash, Celery or Celeriac, Shallots, Arugula, Spinach, Potatoes


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