Pork, Cheese and Wine!

Cecilia in a wagon full of just-harvested broccoli

Cecilia in a wagon full of just-harvested broccoli

Velcro the cat has a new home! He appreciates the concern many of you expressed for him. He’s now at the home of CSA member Bridget Buck, and though we miss him, it seems to be a perfect fit.

The first frost of the season was Saturday night, and we lost our cold-sensitive crops such as basil, squash and cucumbers. But the cold-loving crops like broccoli, kale and spinach are looking especially beautiful, as if to make up for it.

If you are a Rockland UU member, please let me know by Thursday, October 1st, if you plan on picking up your veggies next Sunday at the Tanglewood retreat instead of in Rockland at the regular time and place. Also, check out the amazing locally produced food opportunities listed below. We feel so lucky to live in a region with so many real food resources, and we love sharing the connections we make with neighboring farmers and producers.

Finally, we need bags! Hannaford bags are the favorite of our talented packing crew, but any grocery bags would be appreciated. Thanks!

Reba and the HCF crew

Fill your freezer with heritage breed pork, cut the way you want it. Healthy Heritage Farm owners Marc and Abby Strobbe raise pigs on their off-the-grid farm in Bremen.  The pigs are “range-raised and forest-fed” and never receive antibiotics or hormones. 
They will be harvesting the hogs in January, and you can reserve a whole or half-hog (or potentially order specific cuts, depending on interest).  Contact them for more information at 504-2655 or at healthyheritagefarm@yahoo.com.

Silvery Moon Creamery CSA continues for Fall CSA members
If you are signing up for the fall Hatchet Cove Farm CSA, you may also join the Silvery Moon Creamery fall (cow) cheese CSA.  For $48 you will receive 1-1/2 pounds of cheese per week (consisting of 3-4 varieties) delivered alongside your veggies.  You can learn more about the cheese at www.silverymooncheese.com.  If you are interested, let Reba know at info@hatchetcovefarm.com.   

Goat Cheese, Milk, Yogurt or Kefir
Allison Willenbrink at Oyster River Winegrowers in Warren makes cheese from the raw milk of her goats that range free in her fields and forests.  They receive organic grain at milking, and some hay.  She has cheese available for $1/oz, milk for $4/quart, and yogurt and kefir for $6/quart.  Contact her at 273-2998 or alliewillenbrink@gmail.com.

And last but not least… Wine!
Hatchet Cove Farm members can receive the wholesale price for wine from Oyster River Winegrowers, a local winery in Warren (www.oysterriverwinegrowers.com).   Wines:  The Villager White:  A blend of cayuga and seyval blanc grapes.  Drinks like a dry Riesling.  Retails $15, CSA price $10.  Petite Sarah:  Dark, concentrated, ripe black cherry.  No new oak.  Retails $16, CSA price $12. 
Contact Allison Willenbrink at 273-2998 or alliewillenbrink@gmail.com for more information.

Week 16 veggies:  Broccoli, Onions, Carrots, Swiss Chard, Green Pepper, Slicing Tomato, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans, Garlic

 This week’s recipe:  Roasted Broccoli with Garlic and Red Pepper


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