Cheese CSA with Appleton Creamery

Hi everyone!
We are thrilled to offer a different take on the cheese CSA this year. 
Appleton Creamery, the award-winning goat, sheep and cow cheese operation run by Caitlin Hunter, has agreed to offer a cheese CSA for Hatchet Cove Farm members.  As one member said of Caitlin, “she is (in my professional opinion as an ex-cheesemaker) one of, if not THE, best cheesemaker in Maine.”  Quite a recommendation, and we’re very excited to enjoy a season of her cheeses. 
Appleton Creamery’s CSA cheeses may include the following:

  • Chevre – French style of fresh goat cheese.  Varieties include rounds marinated in olive oil with roasted garlic and herbs (an American Cheese Society winner!), or rolled in lime pepper, or a slightly aged wheel that is rolled in herbs de Provence.
  • Feta – Old World style, dense and salty, made of mixed goat and sheep milks in the traditional way.
  • Chevre in Olive Oil – Marinated with roasted garlic, peppercorns, bay leaves and herbs.  In July and August, her customers line up for the seasonal version with fresh basil, garlic and pine nuts.
  • Sheep milk yogurt.
  • Scarborough Faire – a fresh sheep cheese with herbs.
  • BreBrie – a bloomy rind sheep cheese in the brie family.
  • Georges Highland – aged raw milk sheep cheese (available later in the season).
  • Camdenbert – a bloomy rind cow’s milk cheese in the camembert family.
  • Granite Kiss – a soft-ripened goat cheese layered with veggie ash.
  • St. Bridget – Trappist-style cheese washed with local beer, mixed goat and cow milk.
  • Halloumi — a grilling cheese, from the traditional goat and sheep milk mix.
  • In addition, when opportunity strikes, Caitlin will include cheeses made by other Maine cheesemakers!

All the goat cheeses are from Appleton Creamery’s own goats. The sheep milk is from Ells Farm in Union, and the organic cow milk is from Grassland Farm in Skowhegan.
Based on the feedback we received last year, the cheese portions will be somewhat smaller than last year.  For $12.50 a week (a total of $225), Appleton Creamery will provide each CSA share with a weekly variety of cheeses, totaling a retail value of around $325, which we think is an amazing opportunity.
If you would like to sign up for the cheese CSA, please let Reba know as soon as possible, and send a check for $225 (made out to Reba Richardson) to Hatchet Cove Farm (1133 Finntown Rd, Warren, ME, 04864) by April 15th.  I will compile them and forward them along to Caitlin in one payment. 
We love connecting our members with as many local products as possible.  So with that in mind, if you know of a fabulous bread baker out there, let us know!  We’d love to offer a bread CSA to our members! 
Be well,


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