Aftermath of the windstorm

What a storm!  We hope that you are all warm, dry, and safe.  It was too much wind for our greenhouses, though.  The plastic ripped off of both of them, doors were blown out, and some of the metal bows were pulled right out of the ground.  We’re a little bit in shock, because the Warren greenhouse was tight and we never imagined this would happen.  But compared to other farmers (one who described her greenhouse as now a “tangled steel spider”), we consider ourselves lucky.

The silver lining:  this happened now, instead of two weeks from now, when the greenhouses would have been full of seedlings.  And, remarkably, our little washing shed hoophouse is still standing, which is a great relief.  We’re grateful to the CSA more than ever.  Because of the CSA payments that have been coming in over the last weeks, we’ll be able to get new plastic and have the key greenhouse up and running within a week.

Usually we attach new plastic to a greenhouse on a still, quiet summer morning, when we have a full house of apprentices and family to help.  But we need to get new plastic on the Warren greenhouse as soon as possible.  So… we need your help!  Saturday, March 5th, 8am…come to the farm to lend a hand, if you can!  No special skills are needed —  just boots and gloves and, if you have it, a battery powered screw driver.  Let us know if you can come, so that we can devise another plan if no one can be here.  And the date could easily change due to weather, so if we know you’re coming we can let you know if it gets delayed.

Thanks, and thanks for being a part of this farm.  Especially in times like these, it truly feels like a community undertaking.

Reba & Bill


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