CSA update and reminder

Hello CSA members,

What a beautiful spring!  The sight of yesterday’s hail against a backdrop of cherry blossoms was amazing.  The past few weeks have been packed full of transplanting thousands of seedlings, harvesting hoophouse greens for sale to co-ops, and direct seeding salad greens, radishes, peas and more in the fields for your first deliveries.  We can’t wait for the CSA to get underway!  Remember that you’re always welcome out to the farm at any time to visit your rapidly growing meals.

We are lucky to have had the great company and hard work of an early crew of apprentices and volunteers.  Laurie Hacklander and Hanni Witzig will be with us for the full growing season and we hope you’ll get a chance to meet them and appreciate their work in person.  Tauhid Bin Kashem and Ben Weinberger are short-term volunteers who have helped ease the hard work of the start of the season.  We thank them for all they’ve done to keep the farm on track this spring.

Tauhid, Ben, Hanni, Laurie, Eli and Bill transplanting thousands of onions. Each of what appears to be an individual blade of grass is actually an onion or shallot that will be harvested next fall.

Remember that whether you are paying in full ($325) or installments ($65/month), you payment is due!  The CSA now has a wait list, so please let us know if your plans have changed.  And if you are joining the cheese ($225) or mushroom ($190) CSAs, those payments are now overdue.  Our hope is to soon reduce the amount of time I have to spend in front of the computer doing CSA record keeping so that the other work of the farm can take top priority.

The CSA deliveries will start the week of June 13th, so start perfecting your salad dressings!  We can’t wait!

Reba and the HCF crew


One response to “CSA update and reminder

  1. Looks great!! I love onions. I know it’s very labor intensive to transplant them, but then, there they are, beautiful, and it’s done (pretty much) until harvest time! Can’t wait to see you guys!!

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