CSA update

We’ve certainly been enjoying the warm start to the farming season.  The torrential rain last week left the fields sodden, but we hope that by next week they will have dried out enough that we can start transplanting broccoli, kale, and other early season veggies.  Fresh greens aren’t far away!

We still have a handful of CSA spots available, so if you know of anyone who is thinking of joining, let them know to contact me soon.  If you are paying in full, your payment ($325) is due this month.  If you are paying in installments, the first payment of $65 is due on May 1st.  (The installment plan is not through the UUR after all, so the payments are a little less but will start next month: $65/month, May-September).  As always, if you are having a hard time with the payment or will be late with it, just let me know and we’ll work it out.  And there is also still time to sign up for the cheese and mushroom add-ons (the links will provide you with more details).  We’re aiming for the week of June 13th as the first week of CSA deliveries.

We hope to be sending you details about egg, chicken, and pork options some time soon.  We’re so excited about the coming season (and the accompanying meals)!

Hope you are all well, and we’ll be in touch again soon!



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