CSA Preview!

Amidst all this snow, in many small ways the 2011 growing season has begun!  We can’t wait to start seeds and get going.

We usually have our first sign-up email out to you by early February.  But we’re in the midst of implementing a new, on-line way to sign up for your shares and add-ons.  I’m hoping that it will make the sign-up process easier for you (and the bookkeeping process easier for me), since we will be able to accept electronic checks and credit cards (though of course we can still always sign you up the old-fashioned way).  Since it will be a week or two before it’s up and running, I wanted to let everyone know about the new add-ons available this season.  We know that many of you budget carefully for your veggie share, and as we offer more and more add-ons, I want to give you ample time to budget for them as well.


Bread CSA with Enchanted Kitchen!  Master baker Billi Barker uses organic and Maine grown-and-ground whole grains to create a wide range of artisanal breads and baked goods.  Each week in the bread CSA you’ll receive a different loaf from her repertoire including Seven Grain, wood fire-baked Sourdough, Roasted Garlic, Kalamata Olive, Caraway Rye and Oatmeal Cinnamon Swirl.

As our cheesemaker Kaitlin Hunter of Appleton Creamery says, “Billi’s breads are grainy and substantial. She makes the best cookies and scones I’ve ever tasted. And her chocolate blackout cake is to die for. We do two farmers markets together, and I make sure to use her bread to sample my cheese.”  Billi also caters the ‘Kneading Conference,’ a nationally known bread baking conference that takes place in Maine.  We figure that if she’s the baker that all the breadmakers choose, we’re pretty lucky to have her be our baker as well.

The bread CSA will provide one 1-1/2 lb. baguette (or equivalent loaf) per week.  If your family goes through a lot of sandwich bread, you would probably consider this a supplemental loaf.  The cost is $98 for eighteen weeks.

Billi will also create a weekly seasonal dessert CSA.  This will include tarts, pies, cakes and more, all made with seasonal Maine-grown organic ingredients.  The dessert CSA can be delivered along with your veggie share for $225 for eighteen weeks.

Chicken and Egg CSAs
with Terra Optima Farm — This year we will offer chicken and egg CSAs with very experienced (and organized) livestock farmer Cheryl Denz of Terra Optima Farm.  Cheryl’s livestock is all-natural, woods- and pasture-raised and medication free.  If the chicken and egg CSA works out well, we hope to eventually expand the meat offerings to Cheryl’s beef, pork, and humane veal as well.

The chicken and egg CSAs will be initially only available to the Sunday (UUR) and Monday (farm pick-up) members.  If you receive a Tuesday or Thursday delivery, you are welcome to come to the farm on Monday evening to pick up a chicken or egg share.
  • Chicken share:  Every-other-week delivery (nine weeks total) of a four-to-five pound pasture-raised chicken.  Cost:  $170.
  • Egg share:  Every-other-week delivery (nine weeks total) of one dozen eggs from pasture-raised hens.  Cost:  $30.

Of course, the Hatchet Cove Farm veggie CSA will again provide fresh, delicious, and well-cleaned veggies.  The veggie share price will remain the same as last year ($325).  And the cheese CSA (with Appleton Creamery for $225) and mushroom CSA (with Oyster Creek Mushroom Co. for $190) will also remain the same.

Thinking of all this fresh food has my stomach growling.  I can’t wait for it to get underway!  Please let me know if you have any questions or names of folks who might be interested in joining this season.  We’ll be in touch again soon!

Be well,

Reba, Bill, Eli and Cecilia


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