2011 CSA Sign-Up!

The first irrefutable sign of spring is here: CSA sign-up! We’ve had a great winter full of family time and planning for the coming season. Late winter always contains a mix of excitement and nervousness for us: Will the weather be as great as last year? Will that new crazy-looking cauliflower taste as good as it looks? Will this season’s apprentices be fun and hardworking? Will we gain too much weight if we get the new dessert CSA share? Important questions, all!

The biggest change this year is that we are trying a new online CSA management system (called ‘Farmigo’). It will allow you to sign up and pay for your share online. You’ll create an account when you first sign up and then you’ll have the ability at any time to add on options, buy from the farm ‘store,’ review your payment balance and, for the first time, set up automatic installment payments via eCheck (bank-to-bank transfers). We hope this will simplify (and clarify) the sign-up process for you, and will result in more field and less computer time for us!

We encourage you (’cause beg would sound a little crazy) to use the eCheck payment method. Because of the high fees associated with credit card payments, we are unable to make credit cards an option right now. But eChecks are a completely secure way to pay online, and we request that you use them especially if you plan to pay in installments. If you use eCheck, we’ll thank you with a bag of the first salad greens that come out of our greenhouse this spring (or $5 in the mail, if you prefer).

We have tested the system as much as possible, but there are bound to be initial glitches. There is a help button on the sign-up page, but please contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like me to walk you through the process. We really want this to work for everyone, so your feedback is truly appreciated.

Click on the link below or in the sidebar to see the share details, create an account, and sign up. Thanks so much! We can’t wait for fresh veggies (and bread…and cheese…and mushrooms…) and for the season to get underway!




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