CSA Week Five

Does anyone else feel like they are living in the tropics, too?  Rain, heat, humidity, mosquitoes… it feels like Maine is becoming a rainforest!  Bill says that he’s sworn off of  weather reports since they get him too down, but I still catch him peeking at the NOAA website multiple times a day.  And right now, fingers crossed, it looks pretty good for the next week.

That’s good, because it feels like the point in the summer when things are about  to come on.  Green beans, tomatoes, eggplant… they’re all hopefully in our near future.  As for now, we’ll keep enjoying whatever veggies had the fortitude to keep growing and producing despite the weather.

Leaving us this week is the wonderful Reanna Howland.  She joined us as an apprentice in April and has been a huge asset to the farm this spring.  We appreciate her humor, her willingness to learn and push herself to excel at new things, and her miraculous ability to look clean regardless of whatever muddy field she just slogged through.  And, of course, we’ll miss her Chihuahua Lucy Liu.  She goes off to Boston to join her boyfriend, and we wish her all the luck in the world!

On Saturday, as soon as we’re done with the harvest, Bill and I will be driving back and forth from Providence, RI, for a roller derby bout (I’m playing and Bill is announcing).  So bear with me if I’m a little groggy at the Sunday morning pick-up!  But I look forward to seeing all of you there, regardless of the amount of sleep I have the night before.

Enjoy your meals, and have a wonderful week!

Reba and the HCF crew

Week 5 of 18:  Lettuce head or Mesclun Mix, Garlic Scapes, Basil, Beets w/Beet Greens, Zucchini and/or Zephyr Summer Squash, Kale

This week’s recipes:  Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash Salad with Basil-Parmesan Dressing, Farfalle with Beets and Pine Nuts, Summer Squash and Herbed Ricotta Pizza

Cheese CSA Week Five

photo (3)

What do you do on your first sunny day after weeks of rain? Start more seeds to make sure it’s a bountiful fall! The whole crew spent an afternoon starting seeds in trays for the fall crops.




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