CSA Week Four

Squash!  Scallions!  Scapes!  It feels like Summer is really getting underway.  Give the apprentices a high five the next time you see them — they were troopers and worked through the day on the 4th to get the CSA peas picked, squash harvested, and the final summer squash seedlings into the ground. 

We try to farm in a way that is sane for our families  (and our bodies) — we generally don’t farm in the evenings (other than the CSA pick-ups), and Saturday afternoon and Sunday are off (other than chores and the Sunday CSA delivery) so that the crew and our family can take some time to decompress.  But there are those weeks when it definitely feels like there’s more to be done than we can possibly fit in.  This was one of those weeks, but we made it through, partly due to the willingness of Bill and the crew to spend a sweltering Wednesday pruning and weeding in the greenhouses.   The week had almost ended smoothly when the storm on Friday night tore apart about thirty squash plants, but luckily we had overplanted and so all is still well.

In other news, our MOFGA Organic certification happened this week.  Joan from MOFGA Organic Certification came to the farm on Wednesday.  Armed with a stack of papers and a keen eye, she spent the afternoon with us, asking about our practices, taking notes, and touring the fields, barns, and wash shed.  We’ve always passed with flying colors, and this year was no different!  While the paperwork and the fees are not exactly fun, we really believe in being certified organic.  I appreciate the level of accountability that MOFGA certification requires, and I know that it holds us to a higher standard than if we just called ourselves “sustainable,” “natural,” or even just “followed organic practices.”  We’re certified organic by an organization that we and our community trust and respect, and that makes all the hassle worthwhile.  

We hope you have a great week full of tasty meals.  Be in touch with any questions, and enjoy!

Reba and the HCF crew         

CSA Week 4 of 18:  Broccoli, Green Cabbage, Radishes, Sugar Snap Peas, Collard Greens, Scallions, Zucchini and/or Zephyr Summer Squash, Garlic Scapes  

This week’s recipes: Shannon’s Delicious and Simple Collard GreensToasted Sesame SlawGarlic Scape Pesto

Cheese CSA Notes Week Four


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