News and Recipes from the Farm – Summer CSA Week Two

It’s been a great week on the farm.  We’re really getting caught up on work so far this year; solely focusing on the CSA is allowing us the time, the land, and the energy to stay on top of the weeds, the harvesting, and the planting of both vegetables and cover crops. In addition, having a crew of five and some regular volunteers is pretty great. It takes the hard work of so many people to make this little farm run smoothly!

Michelle and her kids at Rooster Ridge Farm are making their first broiler chicken deliveries to us this week. The next two chicken deliveries will be the weeks of July 19th and September 13th. If you ordered a chicken share and you aren’t at your regular pick-up this week, we’ll bring your chicken back to the farm freezer (or we can keep it in our freezer from the start, if you tell us ahead of time).  Just get in touch to arrange a time to come by and get it.

The Rooster Ridge folks are also getting ready to raise turkeys for Thanksgiving, so if you want your local turkey this year (they sold out last year!) please get in touch with them at or 207-832-1050.

On the weekly veggie list you’ll start to see items in brackets. In past years, if we didn’t have enough of a vegetable to give to all CSA members in any given week, we would wholesale that veggie instead. But now, with our full focus on the CSA, we want to give everything out every week, even if it means that sometimes there won’t be enough for every pick-up day. The items in brackets are the ones that probably won’t get to everyone that week.  Don’t worry, every pick-up day will get that veggie eventually (I keep track to make sure everything stays fair and even!). But this way, when you look at the list you’ll know what will definitely be in your share, and then it’ll be a pleasant surprise to see what you will get from the bracketed group. 

Have a great week and please be in touch if you have any questions.  We’re so glad to be feeding you!

Reba, Bill and the HCF crew

Summer CSA Week 2 of 16:  Swiss Chard, Spinach, Mesclun Mix, Broccoli, [Pea Shoots or the first of the Garlic Scapes or Gailon Broccoli or Shallots]  

Summer Week 2 Add-ons: Chicken, Mushrooms, Cheese, Milk, Oil & Vinegar      

This week’s recipes: Swiss Chard Pie, Broccoli Slaw, Quinoa Wilted Spinach Salad

Cheese CSA Notes Week Two


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